Beyond “Padmavat”

Rajputs, have been known for their bravery and valor, we are seeing a lot of it now a days. Imagine the guts it takes to attack shops, torch vehicles, pelt stones, loot mobile shops, ransack malls, destroy food stalls, scare people . There is a lot more to the acts of bravery, but alas it wasn’t enough to scare the SC to understand your sentiments and uphold the ban. However you had your share of fun..

Lets not get into the discussion, on whether “Padmavat” should have been banned or not. The reason I say this is because no one has seen the movie, not even those who are against it. “We are against it!! Why? Because we believe this movie is an insult to the nation. ” Really!! Padmavati must be so proud of you, you brave sons of soil, you protector of history, you saviors of our “sanskriti” and “sanskaar”, you …..

Karni Sena members, their supporters and like-minded people, we (others) respect your “sentiments”. You stand for a woman’s dignity, that is threatened by a film maker (who mentions that his movie is “clean”. Of-course he is lying about the story and all.. you know better. dekha nahi hai toh kya hua, pata hai).

We have a few questions to ask.

1. Where does you bravery go when females are molested, raped, sexually exploited, acid-attacked, abused, burnt, murdered in all the states where you are present? Are these girls/women not your concern? If yes, what have you done for them? If no, why not?

2. Why are you not interested in picking up the issues relating to dignity of those who are alive? Why doesn’t your blood boil when its required to?

3. Why didnt you raise your voice when a little girl was gang-raped in Haryana, why not when a woman traveling with her family was pulled out of a car and raped at gun point? Why?

3. You say you stand and fight for “pride” of our nation. Do you not remember that “pride” goes for a toss each day when a tourist is raped, or when countries ask the female travelers to be careful while visiting India?

What you did can give you some popularity, it may help you politically in long run, can boost some egos, but you could have done something where the whole nation would have stood by you. You could have made a difference, you could have ensured your boys do not get involved in “acts against women” directly/indirectly, you could have taught them to respect women, not only those who “were” but also those who “are”. You could have ordered your goons to be vigilant and protect women.

You could have done what every Rajput stood for, you could have protected many Padmavatis from committing suicide in fear of being molested.. you could have changed India.

You chose not to.. because its easier to burn common man’s property, loot shops, harass people, get 5 minutes of TV time, and get a new phone (without spending a dime).

Shobha Dey says that she saw the movie, and it has all respect for ‘Rajputs”, it shows them like they have never been shown before. I guess Bhansali has done more good to your pride and dignity than yourselves. Would you go and apologize and pick up issues more relevant to the society?


Potholes –> We love them

You know what, one of the major tourist attraction of Mumbai are the potholes. What makes them special is the fact that these are probably the worst in the whole wide world.

I really love the way our cars, go up and down in these massive craters. What fun!! Tell me, in today’s world who has the time to have fun, enjoy joy rides and roller coaster.

These symbols of our incompetency make us tough mentally and physically. No wonder any Mumbaikar can compete in Himalayan car rally, and who knows maybe win it as well.

Due to the lovely traffic jams these “gifts” from our BMC cause, we get to sit in our cars, be free, ponder over issues and listen to or sing along with FM radio, which in turn means more of “ME” time. Let me be clearer, When was the last time you sat idle and listened to music of your choice? How cool is it see some married couples sitting in a car without fighting, some trying to rekindle love in their relationships, and some finalizing terms of their divorce. Many new love stories begin and a few end in these jams.

What more could we ask for? However all this comes with a small price. A few deaths, a few shattered dreams, a few broken cars, a few broken bones, a few paralytic, a few delays, some financial losses, some pollution, some troubles, some struggling fire brigades, some stuck ambulances, some helpless police vans.. But what’s the big deal, isn’t ME time worth all this?

Cut the crap.!!

POTHOLES ……I HATE THEM… I hate all those who are responsible for these. I hate all those who don’t care a damn for the common man.

My heart weeps for the family who had lost a mother and a wife, even though BMC says that her death cannot be attributed to a pothole and was primarily caused by her own negligence.

I am worried for the young man who fell from his bike, and then got hit by a nearby car and is now paralytic. He did not fall alone. He fell with shattered dreams, with uncertain future for all dependants.
His kids might not play with him ever again.

I hate those who prevent Mumbai from becoming what it can… A great Metropolitan.